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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  September 6, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. fox 5 working several big story tonight. a horrific fire in a stable filled with horses, several killed but others survived. tonight we're hearing from the
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brave rescuers who saved them. plus an election controversy in maryland, a sample ballot is making the rounds, but some say it's fake. the question tonight, who's responsible? we begin with the d.c.'s race for the mayor's office, the candidates working hard on the campaign trail this labor day. thanks for joining tonight at 10:00. i'm will thomas. >> and i'm shawn yancy. incumbent mayor adrian fenty and challenger vincent gray are going full throttle tonight with just eight days until the primary. wisdom martin with the latest. >> the candidates took to the streets to catch up with people who were at home for the holiday. >> i say we shouldn't be working on labor day. >> reporter: the labor day holiday means work forc. appear candidates for mayor. -- for d.c.'s candidates for mayor. council chair vince gray spent part of his afternoon meeting with a group ofc.
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teachers. >> educators are -- of d.c. teachers. >> educators are hopeful vincent gray will walk the talk. we feel very strongly that he will. >> i think we have one of the worst education systems in the nation. >> reporter: gray discussed his plan for education reform that includes being more inclusive. >> we want to hear from everybody, parents, teachers, administrators and even though every decision might want go the way the people want it to go, i think they will feel like they've been heard and been respected in the process. >> on to victory! >> reporter: earlier in the day current mayor adrian fenty rallied outside the rec center with his supporters and touted his record on crime. >> does anybody know the last time the homicide rate is as low as it is right now? >> 1968. >> 1966. >> reporter: and his record on city services. >> these days when you walk around d.c., people don't even pay any attention, they take
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for granted ha their services are going to -- that their services are going to work. that's as we want it. >> reporter: for the first time the district has early voting. it's hard to know which candidate will reap the benefits as voters get ready to decide who will lead the district for the next four years. there's no republicans seeking the post. whoever wins the september 14th democratic primary has a lock on the general election in november. shawn. >> thank you. now or look at the d.c. mayor's race is far from over. at 10:30 the state of the mayor's race. fox 5 reporters karen gray houston and paul wagner join me live on the set to break down the issues, talk about where the candidates are headed and where they stand all ahead of that democratic primary. meantime politicians are serving up drama in the district with accusations of stolen campaign signs caught on camera. the owner of the capital city diner says kathy henderson the independent candidate for ward 5 removed terry thomas and kwame brown signs from his restaurant, but henderson said
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the owner asked her to because the owner put them up because he felt sorry for one of the candidates. police are now involved in this on the news edge at 11:00. a fake election ballot circulating through prince george's county and we found it. it tells people politicians endorsed certain candidates they actually don't support and there's a big question about who is behind it. fox 5 investigative reporter tisha thompson tracked down a candidate who admits he handed out those ballots. >> reporter: you were handing them out? >> absolutely. my people were handing them out. other people were. >> reporter: did you put this out? were you the one that put this together? >> i did not put it out. there does exist a citizen for change and there are absolutely citizens. they exercise their constitutional right to put out a ballot, the first amendment right. i helped them to understand the political system. >> reporter: is charles summers the treasurer, a real person? >> he is a real live smart very
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astute citizen who wants to see change. >> reporter: do you know where to find him, how we could find him? >> i have been in contact with charles and have decided to come out on his behalf at this point because my name and face were splashed across the paper. >> reporter: angela alsobrooks name is listed for two states attorney and clerk of circuit court which she's not running for. this is not giving out accurate information no matter what side you're coming from. >> that's correct. >> reporter: is this not a problem? >> it was an error by the printer that i never saw, that charles summers never saw because we gave -- or he gave the printer this. printer was supposed to -- this is the official, would go directly by this. how that happened, we don't know, but it was rainer error. it happens all the time -- it was a printer error. it happens all the time with advertisements. i'm sorry it happened, but actually it gives her a better
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shot because her name is in two places. i will say that was printer error. we could not control that. >> reporter: you said you were not responsible for this ballot. >> that is correct. >> reporter: of. >> reporter: are we saying charms summers is responsible for this ballot? >> -- charles summers is responsible for this ballot? >> actually i consulted with him on it and when i say we, i will not back pedal from the fact that i had some information, some input in this, but only as consulting with the individual that wanted to have a voice for the people. jerry mathis, the council candidate you just heard from said there was no problem and the ballot was legit. the maryland attorney general is now investigating. government offices are shut down today, so we'll find out when they open tomorrow what the latest. a crime alert for students at university of maryland college park, a student mugged this week at heart wick road
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and princeton avenue is the latest robbery victim. a student walking alone early saturday morning was beaten and robbed. earlier in the week a student was assaulted at a bus stop on berwyn house road and three more were attacked in the parking lot of the clarion hotel. a devastating fire near an area racetrack. tonight more than two dozen thoroughbred race horses dead, three barns destroyed. the fire broke out in ran son, west virginia, near the charleston raceway. we have the details. >> it's really hot. >> the barn just like exploded, a loud noise and the flames were 40, 50 feet above the roof. within a minute and a half there was three barns on fire. >> reporter: donnie poper and a few others happened to be nearby when i a tower of flames lit up the darkness that normally blankets these west virginia stables, but instead of running away, poper and several others ran towards the burning buildings in an effort
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to save dozens of trapped and terrified race horses. >> you could hear the cries from the horses. they were just neighing at the top of their lungs. >> they were panicky. we just turned them loose and there was people that stopped their cars, not even horsemen, a lot of people from the casino. >> reporter: their bravery saved over 20 horses, but 27 perished. the fire chief said the 100- year-old barn that once stood here just burned too quickly to save most of the animals. >> heavy fire load, lots of straw, hay. there's nothing to stop it. once it was going it just took off. >> reporter: by late afternoon the welcome clipety clop of horseshoes marked arrival of survivors rounded up by a posse of men and women. tattoos were checked so owners could be notified and charleston raceway provided
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stalls. these were the tiniest survivors found hunkered together in the barn near the rubble. it is a bit of good news for the long and devastating day for this community. >> we checked with the fire marshal a short time ago. they still don't know don't know what sparked that fire. just in time for rush hour tomorrow metro will reopen five stations on the redline. maintenance work closed the cha tommy a park, silver spring -- the takoma park, silver spring, wheaton and glenmont over the holiday. the metro said the work is right on schedule and it's back to business tomorrow at 5 a.m. to the economy now, the president says the road to recovery starts with our roads, railways and airports. today he unveiled a $50 billion infrastructure bill to a roaring crowd, but as we hear the report, it's going to be a tough sell to congress. >> reporter: president obama laid out his plan to stimulate the economy by pumping some $50 billion into the nation's rs, roads, railways and runways. >> i want america to have the
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best infrastructure in the world. we have used to have the best infrastructure in the world. we can have it again. >> reporter: the plan will call for rebuilding 150,000 miles of road, construct or maintain 4,000 miles of rails across the country and rehabilitate or reconstruct 150 miles of runway. >> we want to set up an infrastructure bank to leverage federal dollars and focus on the smartest investment. we're going to continue our strategy to build a national high speed rail network that reach do uses congestion and travel times and reduces harmful emissions. >> reporter: the proposal would require approval from congress, which is highly uncertain with many lawmakers and voters worried about adding to federal deficits that are already sky high. the president made infrastructure investments a big part of the $800 billion stimulus bill congress passed last year, but administration officials admit the program not sometime next year. senator john mccain talked about his former adversary's handling of the economy on fox
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news sunday. >> the economic policies have failed and you can argue about jobs created, jobs saved, but the fact is when they passed the stimulus package, they said unemployment would be a maximum of 8%. it's now 9.6%. enough said. >> reporter: a senior white house official said they would consider closing a number of special tax breaks for oil and gas companies to pay for the proposal. traveling with the president in milwaukee, mike emanuel, fox news. this is one of several presidential jobs initiatives leading into the november elections. wednesday president obama is expected to propose a permanent extension of tax credits for business owners who invest in research and development. when it comes to salaries, how much do women average compared to their male counterparts? in parts of our region the paycheck gender gap is the highest in the country. that's coming up next. also ahead craigslist has taken a lot of heat over sex ads in the link to prostitution. now craigslist made a major change, but will it help or make the problem even worse?
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we'll take a look at the controversy coming up. >> so, so nice this weekend around here. we just want it to continue, right? going to get warmer, but then it's going to cool down again. we'll show you the numbers, five-day forecast as well coming up with the complete forecast. keep it here. shawn is in rare form tonight and fox 5 news at 10:00 is just getting started. 
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up next men outafternooning women, the gap especially high in -- out earning women, the gap especially high in our own backyard. not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed. get the facts at
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it's a great place to see all the listings in thousands of cities and towns. with lots of houses to chose from and down-to-earth prices the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever. find out what an experienced re/max agent can do for you. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. virginia's workers earn more than their counterparts in many other states, but a new report says even when men and women are doing the exact same jobs in the commonwealth women are earning less, 81 cents for every dollar a guy gets. as fox 5's jennifer davis reports, the gender gap is the 14th highest in the country and higher than the national gap as well. >> reporter: women are celebrated at the dairy godmother in delray.
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they're working in all parts of the popular frozen custard shop which is owned by and named after a woman. >> i didn't think about it that way when i first started out, but i guess i am the dairy godmother. >> reporter: liz davis is proud to say there's no gender gap at her generation but is not shocked to hear there's a big if he one outside her store. >> i think it will -- big one outside her store. >> i think it will improve as time goes on. >> reporter: women in virginia earn an average of 81 cents for every dollar men earn and that difference is larger than in most other states. >> for the same job they ought to get the same pay. >> reporter: but they don't. the commonwealth institute said the hourly wage gap between the sexes in virginia in 2008 was $3.59. for the yearly peedian income that works out to a difference of -- median income that works out to a difference of nearly $16,000 a year. >> disappointing as a woman. >> reporter: the report found men and women working construction had the same median income, but other industries didn't fare so well. >> i think restaurant business is one of the places where
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there is quite a gap. >> reporter: according to this report, that's true. men made more than women in restaurants in the food service industry as well as in healthcare fields, at elementary and secondary schools and at colleges. the gap is especially visible in computer fields where men earned an average of $89,820 compared to 64,000 for women. the cause? experts say experience and education do play a role. discrimination does, too. >> i don't really believe that it's conscious. i think that it takes a really long time to completely work through the kind of gap that we have had. >> reporter: that gap does not exist at the dairy godmother where most managers are women. davis knows that's not the case everywhere. >> that is beyond my control. i can only take care of my little kingdom. >> reporter: but she says it sure would be sweet if others followed suit. in delray jennifer davis, fox 5 news. >> the report out of richmond's
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commonwealth institute says virginia's gender gap hasn't reduced since the early 2000s. the group did not look at gender income gap in maryland or d.c. another big story tonight maryland bragging lights on the line this labor day. the terps and navy midshipmen men on the gridiron. >> a national audience got to see the teams face off in a game that had an incredible ending. lindsay murphy is here with more. >> if the state of maryland wants a good rivalry, it appears they may have one. maryland and navy went toe and toe and it was a nail biter until the final seconds. here is how it all breaks down. the midshipmen and terrapins hooked up at their season opener. 1st quarter all maryland 7-0. pushes it in from 3 yards out, eight rushes for 105 yards on the day. maryland up 14 -0. we go now to the 4th quarter. 37 seconds left, navy down down three with a 4th and goal
10:19 pm
inside the 1 and ricky dobbs is stopped by the terps defense. navy fails to score on four trips inside the maryland 20. the terps hold on 17-14. here's ralph friedgen after the game. >> it's been a great gape. we've been playing very well -- game. we've been playing very well but came up short. the fans love it, the pageantry, excitement, you know. i don't think there's another thing in maryland that comes close to this. >> out at redskins park only one player missed practice, linebacker perry riley. running back clinton portis and donovan mcnabb all practiced. today donovan took snaps with the starter and his ankle didn't seem to bother him at all. mike shanahan said his starting quarterback will play sunday. so everybody can take a deep breath. he will play sunday against the cowboys. it's funny people thought maybe he would miss this game.
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>> this is our big rival, after all. >> absolutely and we've got more stuff coming up. dave ross was at some maryland games today and has a bunch of stuff coming up with ralph friedgen and some of the players. >> thanks. coming up on the 10:00 craigslist fools its adult services section, but that hasn't killed the controversy surrounding the popular website. we'll explain coming your way next. a confession from man at the center of the natalee holloway investigation, only he's not admitting to murder. fox 5 news at 10:00 will be right back. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪
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the man at the center of the natalee holloway investigation confessed. your ran van der sloot admits he ex -- joran van der sloot admits extorted money from holloway's parents. he's also accused of killing a 21-year-old peruvian woman. some critics call it the wal-mart of sex, but now craigslist censored its adult
10:24 pm
services section. attorney generals from seven states including maryland and virginia led a crusade against the sex ads on craigslist. fox 5's allison seymour has more on what this means for the popular website. >> reporter: a black bar with the word censored for the craigslist controversial adult services section. >> these prostitution ads enable human trafficking, assaults on women. they are flagrant and rampant. >> reporter: the move comes after years of pressure and a critical open letter from 17 state attorneys general in august. >> we don't believe this will be the end of the effort. we think we need to make sure they will follow through on what they've done. >> so what this really is by the attorneys general is showboating. >> reporter: it's not clear if the shutdown of the section is permanent. the ads which cost $10 to post and $5 to repost are expected to bring in over 44 million this year. >> a lot of money was involved, but craigslist is doing the right thing voluntarily. >> reporter: craigslist is refusing to comment.
10:25 pm
this change could shake up the site. >> it's actually much safer than if this were driven underground and, of course, it is now going to be driven underground. >> the internet can be a place of great promise and benefit, but it also has a lot of peril and these ads were very simply the dark side of the internet and craigslist doing the right thing can provide a model for other effective action. >> reporter: the federal communications decency act protects websites against liability for what their users post on the sites. it's not clear what influence this law will have on the future of craigslist ads. allison seymour, fox 5 news. >> the fcc's decency act protects websites against liability for what their users post. it is not cheer what influence the law will have on -- clear what influence the law will have on the future of craigslist ads. one of the nine teenagers who helped change the face of the civil rights movement has died. jefferson thomas was one of the
10:26 pm
little rock nine, a blue of black teenagers who integrated little rock high school in 1959, the first real test of the supreme court's school desegregation order. he and seven others were awarded the congressional medal of honor in 1969. next we are diving deeper into d.c.'s race for mayor. we're giving you the state of the race next. you won't want to miss this next one, a rookie deputy on duty for a few hours helps rescue a man from a burning car, how the story ended as we continue right here on fox 5. u
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you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. a week from tomorrow d.c. voters will decide who gets the democratic nomination for mayor. both adrian fenty and challenger vincent gray are working nonstop stumping for votes. tonight fox 5 reporter karen gray houston and paul wagner are joining us to talk about the candidates, the campaign
10:30 pm
and the issues that stand out at this point in the race. both candidates were out stumping today 'what's the very latest from the campaign trail? >> the very latest, i just got this offline, the d.c. examiner will be endorsing adrian fenty for reelection. the editorial will be on the front page of the paper and they say the candidates of the residents of the city have apparently been judging the candidates based on style and not substance. they think adrian fenty deserves another chance. well, fenty and vincent gray were on the campaign stumping really hard today. stepping up the pace labor day, people aren't home. you could expect to see them knocking on doors. here you say adrian fenty showed up at the turkey thicket recreation center. he kind of showed up in this newly renovated rec center he wants to take a bit of credit for in ward 5 and you will notice a lot of the people here, we've been talking about a racial divide in this
10:31 pm
campaign, these are young supporters of adrian fenty, mostly african american. howard university students coming out to show that they support him in this campaign. you know, he's been the underdog and the latest washington post poll, even though the post endorses him, their poll shows him 13 to 22 points trailing vincent gray, his challenger, and again most of that voter support coming from white voters. so he's been careful to try to have his image showing support from african americans. look at him there. vincent gray was out today. he was in ward 4. now this is kind of significant. he was talking to voters and what you'll notice here is that this is adrian fenty's hope turf, ward 4. it's kind of on the edge of the ward where some more moderate income voters are
10:32 pm
living, more african american the people who do support him. still gray being very kind of up in your face against adrian fenty and a ward that could be a real important battleground for him. adrian fenty needs to win it. i mean that's just to save face because this is the ward that he's been representing on the council and where he lives. how are they both doing? their styles are different. vincent gray you see here seems more comfortable than usual talking to the voters there, but he is not running hike a runner. ed a -- like a runner. adrian fenty is a real runner, runs marathons, triathlons. fenty shirt 9. gray is 7. there's that age -- fenty is 39. gray is 65. there's that age difference. >> we should let people
10:33 pm
watching now that both you and paul sat on the panel of our mayoral debate last friday and asked the candidates questions. paul, you asked mayor fenty about questionable crime fighting strategies used by police chief kathy la near. what did he have to -- kathy lanier. what did he have to say about that? >> we wanted to get to the point that the checkpoints had been ruled unconstitutional and the safe homes gun strategy that never got off the ground and also the all hands on deck which an arbitrator ruled illegal that, it breaks the union's contracts. so we asked the mayor about that and we asked if he would continue to have crime fighting strategies like that in the future. the mayor didn't like that question too much. this is his response. >> i support them wholeheartedly because they are chief lenier's crime fighting
10:34 pm
strategy. >> i find it amazing he takes the credit for things that go well and places blame on the things that don't. the reality is the crime fighting responsibilities are resting with the mayor. >> there is a slight chance, but it's possible that the city could come in underneath 100 homicides this year, which you'd have to go way, way back into the perhaps '50s to find a homicide rate in the city that low that long ago. we don't even know the dates that that has happened. so it's a possibility, but it's unlikely, but the mayor is losing this campaign even though we're seeing homicides continuing to decline and the crime rate is also going down. >> paul, you bring up a very good point and karen brought it up, too, when she talked about the post and washington examiner endorsing the mayor saying it seems like crime is going down, it seems like
10:35 pm
education has improved, other city services have improved, but when we look at recent numbers, the washington post poll has mayor fenty 17 points behind vincent gray. the word we keep hearing is disconnect. what do you guys hear when you're out there talking to the voters in the city? >> there's a disconnect because some of the voters are angry and some of the voters who are angry are the ones who are in wards where they are lower income people who feel that they've been left out. they don't have jobs and vincent gray is quick to point that out and saying that, you know, adrian fenty ought to talk more about how he's going to do more job training and get some of these people back to work and that's the main basis i think for the disconnect. >> there's another part to think, too, i think. you can go up to the mayor and ask him a very straightforward question. everybody knows that this mayor micromanages the city. he knows the answers to most everything that goes on, but when you would ask him a
10:36 pm
question, he didn't have the answer and he'd say gee, i just don't have the facts on that. i'll have to get back to you and then you'd hold your breath to see if you'd hear back from him and if he was treating his constitute wents the way he's been treating reporters -- constituents the way he's been treating reporters, you can see why there's a disconnect. >> we asked both candidates during the debate about the mistakes they made in office and this is how they responded. >> one mistake that people are right to point out is the mistake surrounding baseball tickets and the city council. i've not only acknowledged that mistake, but we've corrected it and will make sure it doesn't happen again. i think it goes toward making sure we understand that we have to be more inclusive and bring people into the fold. >> the mayor has said everybody makes mistakes. what mistakes have you made as chairman of city council or serving on council? >> well, actually i'm very proud of the record that we have with the council.
10:37 pm
i have searched myself to see if there's more that i could have done to work with the mayor. i believe that we have reached out as effectively as we possibly can. >> i'm going to say that was a mistake? >> we listened for a long time to his responses and gray never admitted to any mistakes. he should have owned up to something. that kind of humanizes you which is probably why adrian fenty has a whole campaign out now saying he made some mistakes, he should have been more forthcoming, more inclusive and he's hoping that will resonate with some of the voters and get him some votes. >> karen, i think the reason why vincent gray said that is because he's so far ahead in the polls. why go and admit anything now? i mean he seemingly has it in the bag. so why admit any mistakes? >> speaking of, karen, you brought this up about mayor fenty trying to make himself more human.
10:38 pm
recently we understand the mayor's wife, michelle, who has basically stayed out of the public eye for the past three years but over the past few weeks has been talking to reporters, giving speeches and, in fact, this is what she said during a recent speech in ward 4. >> i assure you, ladies and gentlemen, he is human. like most people, there are people out there who believe that the man does not understand their issues, but it's absolutely heartbreaking to think that so many district residents feel disconnect with the mayor born and raised in d.c. who is married to me and is raising our three children in a city where he spent most of his life. >> the mayor was asked today, you know, was this some sort of political ploy? what's your take on this, karen? >> he's been in office four years. where has she been? people are asking this doesn't
10:39 pm
seem really genuine. some people are saying that. she's a very beautiful woman. she's a lawyer. she's saying that she has three children she's been raising and says she wanted to be a very private first lady, but have a photographer work with a lot of them at the end of the day and i'm trying to figure out what he said say and he said why don't you try too little, too late, only time will tell and some people think that might be the deal with bringing out your spouse who might have been a good asset for earlier in the campaign. why bring her out now? it looks like a desparation ploy. >> what's your take on this, paul? >> there was also rumors that there was trouble in that marriage and, in fact, the mayor addressed those rumors a couple of months ago very directly. he was asked about it on a radio show and then i actually went and asked the mayor as well about it. you couldn't go anywhere in the city for a period of time without hearing those rumors that there was something going on and that there was arguing
10:40 pm
always coming from that house and what not, but there was no proof. there is no proof. no one has presented any proof to. this the mayor says he has a good marriage and that he loves his wife and has a wonderful family. i think that's part of it. this is one of the reasons why he brought his wife out is to show everything is fine, everything is good. >> paul wagner, karen gray houston, thank you for starting this conversation. we'll be continuing this conversation over the next eight days. our coverage of the d.c. mayors race continues on head to our website to watch friday's debate in its entity. we're giving you a chance to post your comments, everything you need to follow this heated race just a click away. we'll be right back. now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency.
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and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right. key lime pie, pineapple upside down cake. no, i've actually lost weight... [ female announcer ] over 30 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. [ wife ] babe... i gotta go. [ female announcer ] yoplait, it is so good. for every pink lid you send in, yoplait will donate 10 cents to susan g. komen for the cure.
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with your help, we've donated $25 million over 12 years. so let's continue to make a difference one lid at a time. today marks one month since 33 chilean miners were trapped deep underground. one miner's wife and mistress have been keeping vigil. then they realized they were praying for the same man. that started a fight as you can imagine.
10:44 pm
other relatives are arguing over who should get the miners paychecks. there are hopes letting the miners talk to loved ones via a videoconference will help. >> daddy, how are you? i love you, dad. we are waiting for you here with a lot of kisses. >> i love you lots, too plenty of kisses for you. >> the miners may not be rescued until christmas. again we are talking about another three months. a team of nasa doctors and psychologists are helping them deal with all the stress. he slipped down the plane after swiping a beer and down the emergency exit chute. slater resigned from his airlines job wednesday. the airline suspended following that argument with the passenger last month. slater released a tirade on the loudspeaker before his infamous exit. here's what we're working on for the news edge at 11:00, candidate for city council caught on camera pulling up her rival's campaign signage. we'll hear the response to the
10:45 pm
accusations. a long court battle involving john travolta and his family and two alleged extortionists has come to an end, the reason why there will be no retrial. they're the nation's youngest warriors, but sadly the children of america's heros struggle in silence, how volunteers are helping children cope with their parents' deployment. we'll be right back.
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going to get a little warmer, then a little cooler.
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it was a great day for it and swimmers enjoyed their last laps in d.c.'s outdoor pools today. beginning tomorrow only one outdoor pool will remain open. the east potomac pool is heated and won't close until october 17th. indoor pools and aquatic centers operate year-round. you can go to and look under web links for a complete list of locations and hours. labor day is the unofficial kickoff to campaign season. today in maryland the candidates for governor are meeting for the second time around and this time they're
10:49 pm
trading shots and rubbing elbows. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has more on maryland's labor day politics. >> reporter: at the labor day parade in gaithersburg you'll find two men going after the same job. >> good to see you. >> reporter: martin o'malley, incumbent governor who is trying to hold onto that job, and former republican governor robert ehrlich who is trying to get his old job back. the last rasmussen poll finds both men virtually tied around 45% for the third month in a row, the differencemaker both men say being their track record as governor. >> he is not some new challenger who rolled out of bed and decided now he really wants to get to work. what did he do when he was in office? >> to have this democrat of a county and this many undecideds so late shows us a lot of people are unhappy with an applies today is what it shows. -- annapolis today is what it
10:50 pm
shows. >> reporter: a labor take ad today called the current governor misleading. >> i think it tries to gloss over the things he did when he was in office. >> reporter: ehrlich's reaction to o'malley's comment? >> this is from the people who blame me for the louisiana oil spill. >> reporter: now from a political science standpoint there's little scientific about walking up to folks at a parade asking who they're voting for, but the large majority of people in gaithersburg told us the one decision they have made in maryland is that they haven't made any decisions. true, some have made their pick. >> governor ehrlich. >> o'malley. >> reporter: but the most have their vote up for grabs. >> i'm still up in the air. >> still undecided. >> i'm just not sure who's going to make the better choices. >> reporter: one thing is clear. maryland voters will have no lack of differences to pick apart as they try and pick between their two governors. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news.
10:51 pm
>> wow, what a beautiful labor day weekend. it it was gorgeous. the weather was perfect and rolling back into the workweek. >> gorgeous and you look at our stories, everyone in short sleeves, a lot of shorts out there and for good reason, right, down right gorgeous. >> i made a little change in the forecast since 6:00, not much. see if you can point it out. >> making it better. >> hard to make it any better than this, will. this evening has been great to just kind of continue on the theme of the last several days out there. temperatures have come down into the 70s, even some 60s out there, too. look at highs for today. national was the highest reading, at least of the big three, 87 for reagan, dulles down to 84 or down a little bit from 87 and dwi came in in the lower 80s today. most of the locations in and around the bay were a little bit cooler today. okay, couple things of note here. a lot of heat in the southwest. cincinnati 89 for a high today. st. louis 90 degrees for a high
10:52 pm
today. this air mass is coming in our direction, so i think for tomorrow 89, 90 degrees is a good bet for the high temperature, but notice up here there's some cooling taking place. this is where the front is and this is a fairly refreshing air mass, too, coming down out of canada. it will get here not for tomorrow and not for wednesday, but as we start getting into thursday and friday, some of this cool air will come visit us here on the east coast. so a couple more warm days and we'll cool off nicely for the end of the week. 75 in the city now, quantico 76 degrees, still holding right around 70 degrees back out to the west of us, temperatures tonight should settle down to the 60s for most locations. here is tropical storm hermine and it has made landfall now at about 9:00, 40 miles south of brownsville, texas. the deal here with hermean is it's going to be an incredible -- hermine is it's going to be
10:53 pm
an incredible rain producer. brownsville could pick up as many as 8 inches of rain and for northern mexico up into southern central texas there could be isolated spots that pick up as much as a foot of rain. texas needs that. hopefully they don't get a foot because that's a lot by anybody's standpoint. the winds have come down a little bit. it maxed out at 65 miles per hour just shy of hurricane force and the movement now taking it to the northwest, it will just spread up into texas and again a lot of rain here and we'll have to see in the next several days if some of that moisture gets caught up in the westerlies and actually comes across here. that might change our forecast just a little bit, but right now we're not putting any rain in the forecast. fair skies tonight, cooler out in the suburbs, talking probably lower 60s in the suburbs, maybe a couple upper 50s, a lot of sunshine tomorrow, a little warmer, high temperature gets up to 89 degrees and we start off nice and comfortable at 8 a.m. we'll again warm up into the
10:54 pm
low to middle 80s at lunchtime and in the upper 80s late in the afternoon. the only change i made here, guys, a little bit more cloudiness on wednesday and lowered the high temperature by one on wednesday. >> we'll take it. >> not a big deal. >> but now how much cooler we get towards the end of the week, highs back in the 70s to right around 80 degrees. >> here comes fall. police in downey, california, used a patrol car to herd dogs to safety. the animals were running down the highway this morning. the officer rode beside them to steer the dogs to safer territory. the dogs took off into a neighborhood. three deputies didn't hesitate to risk their own lives to save a man from a burning car. one of the rescuers is a rookie with just hours on duty that day. fox's george franco spoke with those deputies about the dangerous rescue. how big were these flames? describe the scene. >> it was pretty intense flames, pretty high. >> reporter: the flames were shooting in every direction as
10:55 pm
the buick regal burned with the man inside when deputy jeremy babble first arrived. >> i retrieved my fire extinguisher out of the trunk and i started knocking the flames down. >> reporter: deputy battle said a passer-by arrived before he did but couldn't get inside the car. within a minute after babble's arrival, deputies cochran and phillips came on scene, near exit 317, the southbound lane of interstate 75 in gordon county. the two started breaking out windows to reach the struggling driver. 22-year-old deputy cochran is a rookie. this was your second night on patrol? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: what does that tell you? >> never thought second night i'd get something that intense. >> reporter: how intense was it? what was going on? >> just the flames and having somebody in the car and knowing, you know, you had to get him out. >> reporter: get him out they did rushing to the pen side of the car because the drive's -- passenger side of the car because the driver's side was
10:56 pm
bent and damaged preventing them from reaching the motorist, deputies cochran and babble busting out the window dragging 56-year-old don cox to safety. >> we were all working together. >> i just can't express how proud i am of these deputies. >> reporter: sheriff mitch ralston tells us the deputies were on the scene three minutes after getting the call. rescue crews arrived a few minutes after that. they rushed the burned motorist to the hospital hurt but alive thanks to the efforts of the deputies. >> are you guys heros? >> we're just doing our job trying to save lives. >> that was george franco reporting. the sheriff's office says the driver is recovering. as for the three deputies? they'll be recognized for their heroic actions at an awards ceremony come december. coming up on the news edge a makeover mistake, there's something wrong with the new rug in the oval office. we'll explain next at 11:00. today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers.
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